When people are not enough, we also like to play a few friends to play a small field together. The advantage of the small field is that it can better store physical strength, and can also carry out multiple confrontations in a week. Today, recommend for everyone. Which football shoes can be bought!

Nike SuperflyX 6 Elite CR7 TF

The full-knit upper is consistently smooth and handsome, with fine friction strips on the surface for improved stability in high-speed belts. A newly designed elastic fabric collar with reduced height for added comfort and flexibility.

Adidas X Tango 18+ TF

The entire outsole is separated from the front and rear palms, and is connected by stiffer ribs. The maneuverability and outsole support ability are stronger, which can better meet the needs of small games. At the same time, the whole outsole's studs are upgraded into dense triangular "V" shaped studs with angles facing forward, and the grip and flexibility are greatly improved compared to the previous generation of hexagonal studs.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 18+ TF

The AgilityBandage fabric technology strap design ensures the recovery of the shoe and the activity of the feet.

Adidas Predator 18+ TF

The unique high-top collar design replaces the tongue system with elastic weave, providing a flatter instep area, and the lace-free structure is more eye-catching in appearance. The simple upper structure is not only smooth and flat, but also reduces the extra weight.

Nike Vapor 12 Academy CR7 TF

C Ronaldo's exclusive CR7 Chapter 7 color matching, using NikeSkin technology, has a soft package comfort and durability, and feels better.