This season is going all out, in order to give players the extra energy they need, adidas has launched a new Spectral Mode Pack. The spectral mode uses brave colors to both shock the stadium and impress the football fans around the world. Inspired by the spectacle, it's done for elegant players, so that everyone's feet have light, almost ghostly movements. Once again, the bag will give all boots a new color, so you can also get new Messi boots. Adidas exciting things!

My personal favorite is the brand new Copa 18.1 boots, with a strong mint green design. In addition to the strong mint green, Copa boots also have gold details on printed text and logos. Unfortunately, there are no professional players wearing this classic leather boots.

You might say that all the colors are special, because we didn't really see such colors before. But one of the most eye-catching boots is definitely the adidas Predator 18+, which is almost identical in color to the new Manchester United away jersey. The Predator 18+ combines different shades of pink to make the control boot look even more beautiful. We have seen pink boots before, but in a more eye-catching pink color.

X 18+ Designed for Marcelo, Benzema and Bell, the X 18+ will combine the boots with their new Real Madrid 2018/19 home jersey. Sneakers are all white, but there are also a few different shades, so you can see the logo on the soles, the collar and the text. Let's take another look at Nemeziz 18+, which seems a bit bleak compared to other sneakers in the suit. Nemeziz boots are grey and very simple. Nemeziz Messi 18.1 has a blue color scheme.

Are you ready to put more colors into the autumn?Then order your spectral mode pack start here.