You may already know that you don't need to tell you about his ability on the court.

Instead, I will tell you about Mbappe's achievements at the age of 19...

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When he was 18, he won the French league in Monaco in 2017, scoring 15 times and contributing 5 assists. According to calculations, he plays a key role on the court every 64 minutes. Messi only did a better job in 2017 (every 60 minutes). But his performance is better than C. Ronaldo (88 million). Of course, the French league may not be the best league in terms of competitiveness and quality, but a team like PSG is "a steal" champion is a remarkable achievement.At the age of 18, he entered the semi-finals with the Monaco Champions League! 16 into 8 to play Manchester City, both rounds have scored, Monaco actually eliminated Manchester City. Then there were 8 in 4 kicks and Dortmunds, 2 goals in the first round and 1 ball in the second round, helping Monaco to kill Dort. In the semi-final against Juventus, scored 1 goal in two rounds. He scored 6 goals in 9 games and became the youngest player in the history of the Champions League.After being acquired by PSG for $200 million, he quickly adapted to his new club and his teammates. In a team of only world-class players, he quickly became the main player in Paris Saint Germain FC offensive field and the preferred player.

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Of course, the World Cup is coming! Since Bailey scored 2 goals in the World Cup, he has been the first teenager since Bailey scored in the World Cup finals. Of course, he became a world champion when he was 19! The most outstanding from his World Cup is his two goals against Messi Argentina, the brilliant passing against Belgium, and his constant calm, control, his wisdom, his incredible speed, His vision... Waiting for him is definitely one of the main key components of the French victory, I bet we will remember that this World Cup is the moment when the legendary Mbappe was born.

I wouldn't be surprised if he raised another World Cup trophy with France National Team in the future. To be honest, I am almost certain that it will happen.

But comparing Messi and Ronaldo

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If it’s only at the national team level, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are really 19 years old. At that time, I remember that there are still many stars in Portugal National Team. Don’t say anything in Argentina National Team. It’s never a weak team, but the honor of Messi and C Ronaldo is really better than that.

Some people say that it is more unfair than honor and should be more than personal ability. I can only say that when everyone is a superstar, and personal ability is not too much, honor is a big bargain. Although honor cannot completely determine a person, it is certainly impossible to be ignored.

Some people say that Messi, 19, played a hat trick against Real Madrid.Then I said that the 19-year-old Mbabe scored 4 goals for the first time in the World Cup. Messi added 5 goals in the first three sessions.

How is this compared?