Today.Nike's basketball and lifestyle brand Jordan announced that it has partnered with the French champion team Paris Saint-Germain to launch a range of products, including Soccer Cleats, sports shoes, sports and lifestyle.

       September 13th, 2018 is the carnival day of the fashion world and the football world. As one of the leaders in the sports and fashion industry, Jordan has established a partnership with the world's most popular team, the Paris Saint-Germain team.

2018-19 Paris Saint-Germain Champions League Away Soccer Jersey

      The cooperation between the two sides has become a trend series, including two special editions of Champions League jerseys, footwear and clothing. Designed in Nike Vaporknit Match, this jersey features clean black and white and red accents. The long-sleeved training suit features a full red color, which is a tribute to the original color of the Jordan brand. Life and leisure products include hoodies, basketball shirts, jackets and more.

2018-19 Paris Saint-Germain Champions League Home Soccer Jersey

    The Jordan X PSG series also features a new color matching Air Jordan 5 sneaker. This ultra-popular sneaker was officially launched in 1990 and is now a must-have for many Sneakers. Although the Air Jordan 5 is still used as a general AIR-SOLE for rear window opening, it has a qualitative leap in the design and material use of the midsole and outsole. These designs also directly affect the next two decades. Basketball shoes design, a new design idea has emerged. The unique midsole of the Air Jordan 5 is the special pattern on the outer side of the midsole of the forefoot. The design of the shark tooth pattern is used in the midsole of the second world warfare fighter MUSTANG FIGHTER. This is definitely an unprecedented breakthrough design, simple match The EVA midsole uses a different color coating to create such a beautiful pattern.

air jordan 5 retro paris saint germain

           This time Jordan X PSG co-branded series of soccer shoes were also absent. Nike chose Mercurial Vapor and PhantomVSN two most popular soccer shoes. They are all in black and white and look the same as the jersey. On this basis, AJ's iconic red element has also been added, which is known as Jordan's exclusive color matching. In addition, we can also see the iconic Jumpman Logo on their heels.

Jordan x PSG Nike Mercurial Vapor&PhantomVSN

      Technically speaking, they have the same technical features as the current commercial version except for the appearance. The Mercurial Vapor XII upper is also made of Flyknit fabric, which perfectly wraps your feet and also has a large amount of horizontal stripes in the upper to help you better control the ball. In addition, the outsole in the Mercurial Vapor maximizes your speed.   The PhantomVSN features a newly designed internal Quadfit mesh boot that provides better fit and support for the foot, while the ultra-thin and soft Flyknit upper continues to provide comfort. The outermost layer of the fabric upper adds a large amount of coated particles to help with ball control.  

    PSG will debut the new Jordan x PSG jersey in the Champions League against Liverpool on September 18. and like to place orders from ussoccermart