The last chapter of Cristiano Ronaldo's signature boot collection is here. The new color of the Mercurial Superfly, known as the "CR7 Chapter", was first released in 2015 and tells a story about some aspect of his career. From Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid to world rule, Mercurial has been a symbol of success. Each boot conveys an important part of Cristiano Ronaldo's many people and football history.As Cristiano said, “The Soccer Cleats reflect my nature. They recorded part of my history in the boots.” This week, Nike announced his last one: “Building on dream.” Let’s dive in. Learn the details and how to buy for yourself. The last iteration, Chapter 7, is the climax of storytelling, and pays tribute to Player 7 in the forward-foot graphics and nods to the memorable carbon fiber Mercurial SL boots of the past. The vamp is decorated with a bright red to silver gradient and the exclusive CR7 brand is found throughout the process. This is the most successful iconic football shoe collection ever, and has not yet been completed. Although Ronaldo did not play football, the final chapter is ready. His career is unforgettable, which has led to countless records, goals and trophies. The final chapter focuses on the legendary No. 7 and dreams, making him the person of today. Ronaldo has set goals and trained his body, mind and skills after being discovered. He did this, not only became one of the best, but also won the legendary 7 he wore during most of his career. He is playing with passion and is now proud of him. No one can really think of him as one of the best players ever. The dream brought Ronaldo to the present position. This is not the end of CR7 as the top rule of Nike. Neymar and Mbappe will have to wait for a while to compete for this throne. Now, with Nike football graphic designer Jessica Tresser in the review of the entire series below, the current series has come to an end, and there are some iconic CR7 surprises. From the beginning, he told the story of his sporting journey. Nike announced in October 2015 that they would create seven chapters of Mercurial Superfly for their poster boy Cristiano Ronaldo. The first chapter, known as "Savage Beauty," comes from Madeira, the volcanic Portuguese island where CR7 was born. The second chapter, known as "natural diamonds", focuses on Ronaldo's dream of becoming a professional football player when he runs away from home. He said leaving home at the age of 12 was "the hardest part of my career." The third chapter, known as "discovery", was inspired by Ronaldo's game for the Lisbon club and finally signed with Manchester United, a move that has forever changed his career. The fourth chapter, called "forging for greatness," recalls his transformation with the number seven; his manager Alex Ferguson insisted on this. As a result, Ronaldo forged his game and physique in Manchester's many years of competition. The fifth chapter, called "cut to Brilliance" was inspired by Ronaldo's brilliant and unbeatable scoring on the court. He scored in the first game against Real Madrid in 2009 and has not stopped scoring since then, becoming the fastest-scoring team at every imaginable milestone: 50, 150, 200, 250 and number. The sixth chapter, known as the "born leader", nodded to the record of his country, the majority of the captains of Portugal. Ronald led the Portuguese team for the first time on February 6, 2007, only 22 years old. The "Born Leader" focuses on his role as the captain of the national team. The seven Chapter, called "Build on Dreams," is the climax of storytelling, and pays tribute to Player 7 in the forward-foot graphics and nods to the unforgettable carbon fiber boots of the past.