After the World Cup, the Nike Phantom VSN soccer shoe debuted, extending the soccer craze from the midsummer to the beginning of the new season of 18/19. As a new symbol of Nike's mastery of soccer shoes, the Phantom VSN is a combination of new attempts and new touch experiences. Judging from what the professional players are wearing at the moment, it seems that all but a few players are still Magista. From a practical point of view, these two months "Blackout" word of mouth is good, exposure of the shortcomings of the fabric in addition to shoes, but also no other. More and more detailed "Blackout" experiences, and today's actual review will be introduced to ussoccermart. Whether to experience the new Nike master boots will be clear.

Actual combat experience

After five training and competition tests, including a heavy rain fight, the editor now has a comprehensive understanding and experience of the Phantom VSN Elite DF. Now we share it with you.

Running-in situation

The first half hour of wearing the field for the first time is still very uncomfortable, mainly because of the new upper design of the gradual wear. The Quadfit is a four-way stretch designed to limit any movement of the feet in the shoe compartment, and the locking of the shoelace system makes the tight wrap a little strange at first. But as the running and the touch increased, and the jerky stop-and-go movements, the boot began to fit better with the feet, and the discomfort eased. Wait until the second game to wear "Blackout" when the feet no longer have the feeling of inadaptability. The entire run-in period is about half an hour.

wearing feeling

From actual combat wear feeling to see, "Blackout evil spirit" to make up of experience above all still be light, clever, integral feeling is dye-in-the-wood. Compared with the previous Magista Obra II football shoes, the shoes were much slimmer visually after the feet were on, the vamp became thinner, and there was no wavy ball-control assistant design. Although the shoe last did not change significantly and the weight did not differ much, the visual effect often gave the players a certain psychological hint. The movement and integration comes from the cooperation of the inner boots, leg warmers and other details. The feet on the ball shoes are very natural. There is no interference in the whole process of the game.

From the perspective of the upper, performance, the whole knitted outer upper, is very soft and feels the ball truly. The "ball triangle" design on the covering of the upper, brings strong friction assistance. Even in the rainy weather, the upper, functionality is not completely lost. In addition, the Ghost Lace design creates a full and open area for the shoes, allowing players to use the entire upper in a reasonable and efficient way. If the vertical comparison is conducted, the editor will choose Blackout ghost as the best of Nike's past master combat boots, surpassing the CTR 360 series and the Magista ghost of the two generations. The feel of the shoe - top touch ball is really great.

It should be pointed out that the new Quadfit mesh material boots made by Nike designer Phil Woodman are more functional than the well-known "boots design". Its foot shape is very adaptable, it will be gradually adjusted with the wearer's wearing, and it will always maintain comfort while maintaining the package and support. The “custom” feelings mentioned in the advertising campaign are derived from the outstanding performance of the Quadfit boots.

Outsole feeling

The PhantomVSN football shoes adopt the newly developed HyperPrecision FG outsole. From the design and distribution of the stud shape, it is the shadow of the CTR360 Maestri III, which is very popular among the ball masters. From the performance in actual combat, the weight, support and grip of the FG outsole are still very good. If the EZer's actual artificial stadium conditions are good enough, then there is no doubt to choose a more functional FG outsole. Not the name of the AG-Pro outsole. If the actual venue conditions are normal and the rubber pellets are not thick enough, the "Blackout" FG outsole is still slightly longer. The long-term wear may cause damage to the joints of the legs and affect the actual performance.

1. The running-in time takes about half an hour;
2. The upper is soft and hard;
3. The control triangle design on the film is functional in actual combat and the friction is obvious;
4. The Quadfit boot provides a tight, yet comfortable fit.
5. Based on the upper and wearing sense, passing, ball control and shooting are excellent;
6. FG outsole has excellent combat performance, and the studs are more suitable for the venue conditions.


To tell the truth, although the "Blackout cymbals" did not excel in appearance, but as a pair of new control-type boots in the actual performance is still very good. The upgrade has brought a new touch and wearing experience, which is obviously different from the ghost card and the favorite CTR series. The use of multiple technologies has made the "Blackout" modern, and this time Nike uses these new technologies are not the same, all functional. During the whole wearing process, the upper was not broken, the toe was not opened, the upper was not skidded in the rain, or even water, which was a positive feeling from beginning to end. No fault was found out. What is it like to experience "Blackout"?