today marks not only the beginning of a new guiding silo, but also the end of an era. The new Nike PhantomVSN will replace Magista boots. Therefore, the new Nike PhantomVSN boot will focus on providing you with the best conditions for the best control of the game. PhantomVSN startup is about vision, instinct and precision, which is a key attribute of the Phantom Player. To be a phantom, such as De Bruyne and Coutinho, players need illusory power to entice people into chaos and let the phantom control the game and thinking.

       Visual, instinctive and precise are considered when designing boots. Develop new technologies through this way of thinking. Combine it with the new design and you'll get boots with higher precision

        Nike has introduced a new fit called Quadfit. This ensures that you won't lose important steps by sliding in your boots. Quadfit technology is a seamless mesh material that fits your foot but does not shrink. This will give you an unparalleled fit and feel right out of the box. You can't see Quadfit from the outside, but you can feel the immediate impact on the inside.

         Continue to the top of the Nike PhantomVSN and create a new technology to provide the best precision touch for the Phantom in the game. Nike made a so-called Ghost lace system, just like a lace cover. We have seen these covers before, Ghost Lace will provide you with a hidden lock and clean contact with the ball. Ghost Lace gives you this super clean touch, while also allowing you to tie and tighten your boots at will. Thanks to the single-pull construction, you can still tighten the boots to provide the same tension under the entire foot.