With the 2018 season ending for the major league soccer (MLS) regular season, the official ranking of jersey sales in addition to the regular season has been compiled. The league table, which is based on MLS official mall and adidas MLS regional statistics, tells us which stars' jerseys are most popular with fans during the season that has ended. Here's a look at which players are in the top 10.

10. Ezequiel balko (Atlanta united)

The young Argentine midfielder is one of the biggest MLS deals of all time, and the fact that he is less than 20 years old has become a central player in the Atlanta league shows how popular he is with fans. His future, of course, should still be in Europe.

9. Dempsey (Seattle Bayers)

Although the official announcement of the farewell to the field in August, the veteran jersey of the Seattle Bayers still rushed into the top ten of the jersey sales list. I believe that not only fans of the Seattle Bayers, fans of other teams will also buy a jersey to pay tribute to the American football legend.

8.Joe wenko (Toronto FC)

When it comes to MLS, "Joe the big man" is certainly a part of the conversation. The Italian genius, nicknamed the "atomic ant," has shown his soccer talent since landing in MLS. With so many trophies, he could really call himself the king of the north.

7.David villa (New York City FC)

Villa slipped from no. 5 to no. 7 in last year's regular season jersey sales charts, but the veteran Spaniard is still an integral part of New York City's FC squad. To be able to continue to be a top seller of jerseys is proof of that.

6.Schweinsteiger (Chicago fire)

After slipping from second last season to sixth this season, the piglet, playing for the Chicago flames, doesn't seem as hot as it was when he joined.If you want to return to the top of the jersey sales list, you can only get better performance on the court.

5. Miguel almiron (Atlanta united)

The Paraguayan, who wore the number 10 jersey of the Atlanta league last year, was the top seller of MLS regular season jerseys, dropping to no. 5 with the arrival of so many stars this season. But the ranking is also quite good.

4.Rooney (Washington DC)

Since joining the Washington DC united, fans in the nation's capital have been able to say with pride that "lu is a little fat and happy." Since joining, rooney has played convincingly on the pitch as if he were back on top.

3. Jose martinez (Atlanta united)

The Venezuelan forward, who joined atalanta last year, has continued the horrific efficiency of a one-goal game this season, keeping him in third place on the jersey chart. If not for the next two stars to join, perhaps this year's top shirt sales will be him to sit.

2.Carlos Bella (Los Angeles FC)

In his first season in the major leagues, the Mexican star broke MLS's all-time record with 57 points and was in the top three in the western conference. With the support of California's many Mexican immigrants, Bella's jersey is not selling well.

1.Ibrahimovic (Los Angeles galaxy)

Who else? ! Joining MLS in the first season on the top of the shirt sales chart is bound to be "big bong" zlatan ibrahimovic. After joining in the first game to hit the world and beat the opposition he only took 20 minutes to conquer Los Angeles, the jerseys sold out.

The list of MLS jersey sales for the 2018 season has been released. Do you think this list is different from what you expected?