When the club makes a major signing, we often hear stories about how the transfer “pays for itself through shirt sales”. Although this is largely a myth, Cristiano Ronaldo may be changing it for Juventus.

According to Sports Daily Tuttosport, the Italian team's jersey sales this season have exceeded the level of the entire season. And this is almost certainly because of the signing of Ronaldo.

In August, Juventus’ online sales in the EU increased by 145%, more than double the same month in 2017.

So Juventus and some football retailers are basically out of stock, which means you can only order in advance. They will be listed again in the second half of October.

Although most of the profits will enter the pocket of Adidas, this does not prevent Juventus from making a fortune in this jersey buying spree, and this will stabilize the future cooperation between Juventus and Adidas.


Juventus currently has an estimated salary of 20 million pounds per season, far lower than Bayern Munich, Manchester United or Real Madrid. Unfortunately, Juventus' current transaction is still valid until 2022, so Adidas does not have the pressure to improve it now.