Since adidas launch "Spectral Mode" football shoes suit in the autumn, after the pink Predator football boots style became the most popular with the players, but after Manchester united away kit release is to let pink became the fashion colour in today's field. Want to be a high-profile protagonist on the field this season? So here are some pink looking football gear you can't miss.

Adidas Predator 18.1 AG

The Pink Pop trend of this season's stadium is derived from the Predator series of boots from the newly released "Spectral Mode" set from Adidas. The high-end models that don't lose the flagship are obviously the best choices in practice. The knitted upper with the three-dimensional friction lines makes you feel the deadly power of Predator. The outsole of the AG is obviously more in line with the situation of domestic artificial grassland. Most importantly, the pink look looks really tempting!

Adidas Predator Tango 18+ TF

The TF boots are obviously the best choice for the tough field in winter. When it comes to TF boots, it's not a mistake to choose adidas Predator Tango 18+ TF, which has a good reputation. The vamp is the same as the big field version, and comes with a TF sole that BOOST cushioning technology holds. There's no discount on the price, but given its pink look and outstanding actual performance, it's a no-brainer.

Adidas Predator Tango 18.1 TR

“From the court to the street” is Adidas's philosophy in recent years. If you want to catch up with this pink fashion inside and outside the stadium, then a pair of new color scheme Predator Tango 18.1 TR football casual shoes with the same pink design is the best choice. More suitable for everyday wear fabric uppers and BOOST cushioning midsole, it will definitely make you walk like a cloud. Whether it is appearance or comfort, it is worth your possession.

Manchester United 2018/19 season away jersey

The best match for the pink adidas Predator boots is naturally the new season Manchester United away jersey. Although it has a pink design, it doesn't have a sense of awkwardness. The fan version is quite good for both tailoring and fabrics. There is no discount and it is very popular. Since the pink Predator is all started, why not just pick up the jersey to match it?

Nike Barcelona 2018/19 season short sleeves

In addition to adidas's new away Jersey with a pink look for Manchester united, German rival Nike is also offering barca a range of devices with a pink design, such as this short sleeved pink T-shirt with a gradient that fits well with the pink of the stadium.

Nike Barcelona 2018/19 season half zip long sleeve training suit

Compared to short-sleeved jerseys and T-shirts, Nike's long-sleeved half-zip training suit for Barcelona is the best choice for your shiny stadium this fall and winter. The more deeply-appearing dark pink appearance definitely makes you shine the stadium. The drop of nearly 100 yuan after the listing can really make you take the opportunity to buy it. Most importantly, the half zip, small high collar and long sleeve design are really suitable for autumn and winter wear.