With the arrival of winter, players not only have to face the challenges of their opponents on the court, but also face the test of low temperature in winter. Adidas has released a new "Cold Mode" football shoe set, adding PrimaLoftTM warming material to the Predator 18, X 18 and Nemeziz 18 boots, so that your feet can feel the warmth in the ice and snow.

The three boots in the pack also ushered in their new color scheme, and the new color scheme will keep them eye-catching in the dim light of winter. Blue/white color Predator 18 boots, olive green/black color X 18 and flame-like burgundy/black color Nemeziz 18. In addition, these three series of boots are added to the design of the ink on the outsole, people can not help but think of the scene of a snow and ice in winter.

The PrimaLoftTM thermal insulation material, commonly known as “P-cotton”, has excellent insulation properties that isolate the body's heat from the outside world. PrimaLoftTM with high-performance fiber reduces heat loss by 20%, ensuring that the interior of the shoe stays warm. Adidas also considers the characteristics of football, placing PrimaLoftTM material on the forefoot of the sneaker lining, ensuring that the toes always have a warm feeling, which is more conducive to the player's ball control.

For the European players who will be playing in the ice and snow, Adidas' new "Cold Mode" football shoes set will be a new weapon to resist the cold test and show the best competitive state. In addition to the flagship models with no shoelaces, the three series of boots in the suit are also equipped with high-end models with conventional lace design for consumers with different needs.

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